[B]log jam

Blog Jam

It’s so hard to keep up with my blog ideas when life throws new time and energy sucking events. I am trying now to share about those things rather than nothing at all, so you’ll know I’ve recently spent the last 3 weeks in a vortex of stress over getting a new job.

This a big exciting development for my IRL life. I hope it will lead to real world progress that should give me new avenues for personal and professional growth, and help with my sense of isolation.

However, it also diverted time and mental resources away from keeping up with my blog and now I’ve got a backlog of posts in my brain.

Today is a Sunday on a bank holiday weekend so I was hopefully that I would have time to free some of them, but (as often happens) we now have a few last minute plans with family, and I’m not sure that will happen!

In case I get nothing done again, I wanted to share my intentions, perhaps putting it out there will help at least life some mental load.

This is what I’ve got in my blog jam:1

  • I had to DNF You and Me on Vacation and need to mini-review why!
  • As usual, behind on my Substack newsletter according to my imaginary schedule!
  • We also are almost at time for an August reading round up
  • I never finished sharing my Canada trip, I’ve had a draft on Mont-Tremblant sitting for weeks now!
  • I wanted to follow up on my thoughts about loneliness.
  • I’ve had notes on the Bot Love podcast I listened to months ago that got me thinking a lot about loneliness too, that’s been stuck in the processor for some time now! That one requires a bit more work, so it might still be a wait to find the time.
  • Now I am a “Cat Mum” I want to share my experience and love for my cats. I have had childhood family cats before but not indoor ones I’m equally responsible for. I love those silly furry little creatures.
  • I’ve not shared anything about my embroidery hobby yet, and I want to make that a part of this blog in some way because it is important to my identity, and my mental health. I am also jammed up creatively with that because of this huge wall hanging project I’ve been working in for over a year now! I have shared a few photos of that on Mastodon.
  • I wanted to share thoughts on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and Succession and Righteous Gemstones!
  • Cleaning up/reorganising my Obsidian!
  • I also want to share about our home library project (we built a library in our home office, and I have catalogued all our physical and digital books!).

And then if I get started out my IRL projects (life outside the blog) we have lots of competition for my time there too!

  • The aforementioned embroidery wall hanging.
  • Finally finishing the Orlando holiday scrapbook that I’ve been working on for a year, it is basically done now it just needs some sort of covering or design on the front.
  • Starting my Canada holiday scrapbook!
  • Endless digging of weeds from the garden. I hate St John’s Wort! (Not even got to the Ivy yet).
  • I have got back into gaming lately as a way to relax from the job stress. I’ve replayed the main game and now need to finish the DLC for Outer Worlds! (Then probably writing a blog post).

Now I offloaded, I have about an hour before my partner’s parents arrive to work on freeing one of these things!

  1. (B)Log Jam, as in when logs get jammed up and block river flow – not delicious sugary jam that you put on your toast! I went the the Algonquin Park Logging Museum – which was awesome – so now I know all about logs and getting them down rivers! ↩︎
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