Ways To Follow


Thanks for making it this far, if you have maybe you’re interested in keeping up with my blog! 💖

There are a few options.


My site is connected to WordPress.com via Jetpack so you should be able to find my blog on there and follow that way.

You can subscribe via email through that too. Just stick your email in this box.

There are some settings in WordPress Reader that you can fiddle with for how often you want to actually get emails about my new posts.

Old School with RSS

Yes they still are a thing, and you can follow with the RSS feed in your RSS Reader of choice! There are lots of them out there, so that’s up to you. Personally I use Iona Reader, or the WordPress Reader also can follow non-WP blogs.

Depending what you use you may be able to just paste in my website URL: https://thewallflowerdigest.co.uk/

Or the full RSS Feed URL: https://thewallflowerdigest.co.uk/feed/

The RSS feel URL, if you go to it in a browser, will just be a XML code, which an RSS Reader will be able to parse out into a more readable format.

Blog Category Feeds

You can follow just specific categories in my blog posts if you aren’t interested in everything.

You get the idea.

Substack Newsletter

I also have Substack site: https://thewallflowerdigest.substack.com/

I use this to put together a newsletter roundup of the latest posts on my site, updates on what I might have currently in my processor and generally whatever has been going on. It’s kind of like the blog for my blog I guess?

Anyway, if you prefer less regular updates you can sign up to Substack and use their Reader, or you can subscribe via email through there.

Social Media

I primarily use Mastodon these days and I generally do posts links to my blog posts:


I have found that Mastodon has a very welcoming community, its the best social media site I’ve been on in years. I do recommend giving it a try!

I also have an Instagram account for my Book reviews, though as of writing this I’m not sure what I want to do with it as honestly, it feels like hard work! Currently, I only post my Mini Reviews to it.

I have another Instagram account for my embroidery: @stitchesbyalice.


I also have had a Goodreads account for a scary number of years! Feel free to follow me on there too!