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  • A November Mini-Break 🌝
    Hot tubs, board games, playing with fire and the Moon. πŸ’•πŸ›€πŸ»πŸ”₯🌝
  • Brain to Blog Time
    Complaining again about lack of time!
  • The Cat Tower
    I’ve lost all sense of reason. I am obsessed with these stupid cats.
  • After Two Weeks of Hybrid Working
    I’ve just finished my first two weeks in my first job, which has also been my first two weeks of hybrid working. Here are some jumbled thoughts! Positives for the office Negatives for the office But On Balance it is Good I might have more negatives but overall I think it is good for me mentally and socially to go in. I am going to have to go to an actual office Christmas party for the first time this year so I need to have some face time beforehand with some people for that not to be a terrifying experience! Because I only have to go in for two days a week I think it should remain a more positive than exhausting experience, and I have my WFH days to recover!
  • There Ain’t No Party Like An S Club Party
    Last night I went to see S Club (no longer 7) on their Good Times Tour in Sheffield.
  • The First Week of New People
    I’ve survived the first week at my new job!

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More thought out articles (hopefully) about health, wellbeing, being adult person, the menstrual cycle etc.