Welcome to The Wallflower Digest

This website, or blog, or whatever we want to call it is written for fun. I have felt the pull to write and share, and maybe find some likeminded people out there who for whatever reason like to read my nonsense.

I do not know what it is going to be yet – probably a mess of personal blogs, thoughts on books I have read and hodgepodge of things I have learned (probably a lot about my menstrual cycle, soz). I dream that over time it will all form into something that might make a kind of sense… maybe.

Here are some answers to some imaginary questions I’m sure you’re dying to ask!

Who are you?

My name is Alice and I have lived all my life in England, in the East Midlands region. There are a few things about me that may or may not be relevant:

  • I am a cisgender woman passing from from my mid to late 30s.
  • I am a hardcore introvert.
  • I am prone to anxiety, especially social anxiety.
  • I love to work on anything creative, watch TV, listen to podcasts and read.
  • I love to “Google” and learn new things that I promptly forget.
  • I am a homeowner and this has awakened a new love of gardening.
  • I am child-free, but I am obsessed with my two cats.

Why are you writing this?

I have recurring anxiety that I have not yet found my ‘thing’ in life. I have a good job, which I generally enjoy but it is not giving me the sense of achievement that I’m looking for. Writing is something that I have periodically returned to my whole life. I used to write a blog for fun in my 20s but gave it up when life got busier. I’ve also made a few (very) short-lived attempts to write novels.

I also miss learning. I used to enjoy researching and writing up essays in my university days, I miss that. I don’t know what I will write here but I’m excited to see what comes out.

I also have a frustratingly poor memory for retaining new, interesting information so this is also an experiment to see if fully processing what I read so I can write about it will help!

I also finally came off hormonal birth control and my brain feels like its just started working again, so I kind of want to know what it can actually do without the fog.

Who is the audience for The Wallflower Digest?

Bloody hell, nobody is actually reading this are they!?

Why did you choose the name The Wallflower Digest?

Wallflower: (noun) Someone with an introverted personality type (or social anxiety) who will usually distance themselves from the crowd and actively avoid being in the limelight.

I’ve always felt like a ‘wallflower’ – I don’t stand out in a crowd, but most of the time that suits me as I am also extremely uncomfortable with attention! I looked up the definition and it fits who I am and the community I’d like to find. I plan to write an article on this subject soon!

Digest: (noun) a compilation or summary of information.

I know this website will be a mess of different topics. I also liked the idea that I’m digesting my experience and the things I learn, the regurgitating my findings back to you, my audience, like a mother bird… beautiful yet disgusting imagery.

And, honestly, this was the best name I came up with that wasn’t already taken!

Blogs are outdated, wouldn’t starting a YouTube/TikTok/Podcast be a better idea?

Did you read any of the above? I am not confident enough to share myself or my voice in a recording! For now at least, semi-anonymously writing on the internet is my available comfort level.