Shock and Awe as Job Interview Results in Job Offer Success

She only bloody did it. πŸ†

I already told you about how last week was a void of anxiety preparing to interview for a job. That went well enough that I knew I’d have to begin a mental preparation for the process to continue, and might have to face decision over taking the job. To my excitement, but also no small amount of dread, I was invited for a second round of interviews this week. This time in person.

I’d already done all my preparation so I really just had to refresh myself on my notes, and think up a couple more examples. I also spent some time writing a list of the things I needed to know about them to help me in my decision if it came to taking a pay cut.

I’ve been in the unique position of not being desperate for this job, because I already have a good(ish) one, and knowing that I am actually a very strong candidate for a role that, I know, can be very hard to recruit for. I honestly haven’t felt in a position of power in an interview process before, and that really gave me the confidence to be able to ask a lot of detailed questions about the culture and what they would be offering to me. I think that proved that I was thinking very seriously about whether I was going to be a fit, and that I have longer term goals.

It was strange to the feel the vibe in the room that they were trying to persuade me.

I felt like a grown up professional person who knew what they were talking about?!

Somewhere in the last few years I forgot that I have that, that I am that! I know I am really good at my job, I can see it in the work I produce and the comments I get from my clients, I just rarely get any recognition or feedback from my management about my performance.

After the interview I was feeling really good (a delirious mix adrenaline and exhaustion), and it was only a couple of hours later that I got the call with the offer. Unsurprisingly this was a chunk under my current salary, but it was what I realistically hoped they’d offer. It does however come with 5 more days holiday, benefits and more flexible working hours (even if its still a rubbish 40 hour week).

I had a think, took some advice from friends and family, and asked if they’d meet me in the middle between my current salary and the offer – and they did! That mays the cut a little easier to take, plus the extra holiday, and the added benefits and potential to earn some transferable skills.

I feel so proud of myself for asking for what I wanted, and then actually getting it. Sometimes I forget that I’m capable of that!

Oh, I also pulled this off while on my period! Extra impressive.

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Now I just need to work through the pain of handing in my notice…

Later I’ll get super anxious about having to meet a company full of new colleagues and trying to make friends… and how I’m going to get used to a more structured professional working environment!

But for now, it’s time to collapse into the weekend and stop thinking!

Homemade pizza and Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Amoungst Thieves tonight! (I loved it in the cinema, can’t wait to rewatch now it’s on Paramount+).

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  • A.S. Akkalon

    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you for actually asking for what you wanted. I have a lot of trouble with that too, but it sounds like sometimes it works out. πŸ™‚ All the best for settling into the new job!

    • Alice

      Thanks!! I am too. I forget this is the second time I’ve done it, the reason I’m on what I am now was because I asked for a Β£10k pay rise 4 years ago, the last time I got close to a new job and realised how under paid I was! That was back when jobs were still advertising with salaries, they don’t seem to do that any more!

      You’ve got to take these opportunities when they come up!

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