Brain to Blog Time

I love having this blog.

It’s my space to share and explore my thoughts, log my reading, and kind of scrapbook my life.

My problem is I work a 40 hour week, and have a life with relationships to maintain, and a body I need to also spend time exercising and cooking food for etc. I also just have too many hobbies (including still trying to IRL scrapbook my Canada trip I took on June!).

In my old job I also worked 40 hours but after 6 years and could get my work done quickly and easily, and also it had minimal oversight so I could get away with doing some writing in my “free” work time.

My new job is still new and I am learning so much it is a heavier daily mental load that leaves me worn out by evening. We also have properly set up and networked IT, and policies, so sneaking blogging in the quiet times at work on my laptop isn’t an option any more!

This is all to say, I still haven’t figured out how I find pockets of time to get what I want to blog to the blog!

I have lately been using the Jetpack app more on my phone to draft posts (especially on the bus). At home I also sometimes will use my iPad to write as well. While that’s good to get thoughts out it’s a nightmare to edit and complete a post on mobile devices.

I always feel I need to be on a desktop to effectively proof read and format posts, and finding time to be at my desk for this is not easy.

Consequently I am, again, becoming blog jammed!

My big blockage right now is because the last book I read was Paris Hilton’s memoir and I just cannot stop thinking about it. I have a complicated swirl of thoughts that I want to make some kind of sense of – and just get out my head! – but writing on a phone/iPad is such a frustrating experience it does not help me do that. I need more screen space and more flexibility to edit and move thoughts around.

This post is really just complaining. I have no solutions yet!

I’m going away with my partner for a cosy mini-break later today, and I had to get this out my system so can pay him better attention while we’re relaxing! I have been excited about this break for months, the place looks amazing and I can’t wait to get there, but because I am off work my brain is registering “free time” and is buzzing with ideas. But this free time is earmarked for romantic quality time (hot tubs and boardgames!) not my solo writing/creativity time!

If any fellow bloggers have the same problem do let me know what you do to make time!

Perhaps I just need to get more comfortable with typo-ridden, poorly formatted posts…

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