2023 Annual Review

This was a big year! Lots of major changes, and I’m excited about how I’m going to continue to grow and learn over the next year.

Big Changes & Challenges

  1. In January I sold my house and moved in with my partner in March – a major life event, yet also one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made! After 9 months of living together I’ve not looked back (except for missing my old decor sometimes!).
  2. Starting a new job after six years – an unexpected change, but a welcome new challenge!
  3. 16 day self-drive tour of East Coast Canada with my Mum! – as an anxious traveller and someone who hates driving (and does not competently understand French) this was not a trip I undertook lightly! We survived, we had fun and I have some incredibly memories!

A New Hobby

I have separate annual review for Reading and Creativity in 2023, but this year I have picked up a new leisure activity – board games!

I’ve pushed myself this year to be open to playing more board games because my partner loves them, and it’s such a good date night activity. We now have a small pool of games that I enjoy enough to willingly play (even a few made my Christmas list!).

Incredibly Magic the Gathering is in the rotation – I never saw that one coming! I will soon share a list of what games I’ve played, this year alone I played 26! (it’s over 40 games in 3 years!).

I am also now slowly getting more comfortable playing games with this friends. I don’t think it will ever be my favourite way to spend an entire afternoon (my stamina/interest for it wanes around the 2 hour mark), but every now and again it is nice to support my partner, and I know he does appreciate it.

I got him Ticket to Ride Legacy for Christmas, so I know 2024 is going to involve some regular weekend five player gaming sessions as we work through the campaign! I’m hopefully this will be a good way for me to push on with my social anxiety issues as well as my anxiety over board games!


I started this blog out of a desire to write again and some undefined urge to share that on the internet. I could just write all this and keep it to myself, but I don’t… I post it for all the world to find. I’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about why I do that – it’s kind of weird isn’t it? Most people don’t spend their free time writing their thoughts for strangers to find.

I know in my heart that I do this for myself. It’s not for the approval of other people, and it’s certainly not for money! What I think I get out of it is connection – specifically connection to myself. I am the audience for this blog – as strange as that is. I guess I share it as a blog, on the internet for anyone to find, because maybe there are other people out there how have similar experience, or thoughts or are trying to make sense of the ideas that I am. And if I happen to connect with them, then that’s a nice bonus.

Keeping this blog, and my Obsidian vault of notes, is a way for me to engage with my own thoughts and I am starting to recognise patterns and common threads (connections again) in the things that I find interesting. The questions that are important to me. This is something I really want to explore more in 2024 and I want to rearrange my Obsidian to make it easier for me to do this.

Goals for 2024

So looking forward to 2024 I’ve written a few goals for myself. I kind of hope this new year is a little less intense than the last one, I’m not planning to make any more Big Moves for a while!

Health & fitness needs some work

  1. Get out of bed by 7am every work day.
  2. On my non-commute days do a fun form of cardio (dance, skipping etc) before work.
  3. Go for a walk at lunch time, or if not after work.

I will keep pushing through my social anxiety

  1. Stop being so anxious about asking questions, just ask!
  2. Invite friends to do things! Organise fun activities like Escape Rooms, and invite people to our home.

Home improvements

  1. Get the garden under control.
  2. Redecorate the bedroom, including new sliderobes!


  1. Get back on track with daily menstrual cycle logging (Because it is so helpful but I stopped doing it everyday in November!)
  2. Keep a daily journal note to remember my ideas, thoughts, feelings.
  3. Engage with more blogs and start my own blog roll (blog rolls need to make a come back).

And finally…

Some of my blog posts I was excited about this year:

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