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2023 Creative Review & 5 Goals for 2024

A round up of the things I’ve made and my aspirations for next year!

In 2023 I created less than I have in previous years. That in part because I was making so many big life moves, but also because I started to work on this blog a lot more. I actually do count this blog as a form of creativity – especially as I take time to create images for it, and I am making posts for the website – but its not quite the same as creating something tangible that I can hang up on my wall!

I’ve shared the embroidery pieces I made between 2019 – 2022:

In June 2022 I started The Floral Wall Hanging and everything else ground to a halt. Due to various outside factors that took me until October 2023 to complete, 16 months! I am very happy with it, but it did create a blockage and I never made any of my own stuff during that time.

I have been reaching back in my brain to try to think of anything else I made in 2023, because it honestly does feel a bit strange to me that I didn’t make more things. The only other “art” I can think of is the portrait I just painted for my brother for Christmas! This was literally two weekends ago!

I also completed two scrapbooks – which did take forever – one for my 2022 Florida holiday one for 2023 Canada trip. My approach to scrapbooking is pretty basic, I don’t do anything fancy with layouts of fancy bits its literally just sticking in photos and writing around them! I find that just sticking in the photos takes a inordinate amount of time, so I don’t have the inclination to do more than that. It is however something I want to keep making, I do love being able to flick back through the physical photos and remember the good times!

I have been doing other productive and creative-adjacent things around the house – we redecorated the spare bedroom to make this office/craft room. I also replanted our flower bed at the front of the house, though I won’t pretend that I had a clear vision for that or knew 100% what I was doing when I bought the plants! I’m counting these things because they did involve creative decisions, and I often do stop and look at how much better they look, and think “I did that.”

5 Creative Goals for 2024

This year I’m hopeful that I can get back into a grove with my creativity and make some more stuff! Now I have this new section on the blog I hope to share the journey.

  1. Build the Rolife Alice’s Tea Store DIY miniature kit I got for Christmas! – this looks so cute, and I’m excited to get into it!
  2. Finally take the Domestika courses I bought 2 years ago! I have four to complete:
    • Needle Painting for Beginners
    • Exploratory Sketchbook: find your drawing style
    • Character Creation from Observational Drawings
    • The Art of Sketching: Transform your doodles into art
  3. Use the stitchbook I got for Christmas – I am quite excited about the idea of this to create samples of my stitches and techniques I learn. I have a lots of random scraps of fabric that should work well for this.
  4. Complete at least one pet portrait – I’ve been meaning to start on these for years. I have to give it a try this year! It won’t be easy picking who to start with from all the pets in the family!
  5. This is a bit more of a general one, but get into the habit of saving notes, images and other creatives that I find inspiring! – I am not very good at remembering to do this in the moment, but I really want to get start using my Obsidian vault as a repository for it.
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