The Best of Mont-Tremblant

Our third stop was the ski resort at Mont-Tremblant. A little weird out of season but I’m glad we went!

After Québec City it was time to get out of the cities and we headed up to Mont-Tremblant. This was a much longer drive, we decided to take the A40 motorway to shorten the journey but I do find driving on multi-lane roads a lot more tiring. Once we got around Montreal it was out into the forest. At first it was nice, trees but after a while miles and miles and miles of trees becomes just as monotonous as anything else!

Here are some of my highlights!

Mont-Tremblant Resort

It was a little weird because we were there in June – ski slopes with no snow! But there is hiking and other activities you can do. The Resort itself cute, but also felt a little fakey Disneyfied being a bit too new and shiny somehow? It’s probably better in the snow!

Mont-Tremblant Resort


We did some light hiking because my 60 year old mother’s knee was not up to those steep ski trails and we did not want to risk getting stuck half way!

We made a quickly aborted attempt at one of them, and then got led “off piste” by an enthusiastic local lady who took us off on some tracks that landed us in some closed for maintenance areas.. it was a little stressful, but I guess because it was so quiet none of the work men seemed to care if we were where we probably should not have been, and we made it back eventually!

Gondola to the Summit

It was memorable even if I hated every second of being on that thing! I do not like heights and I do not like shaky cable cars on their little wires with all their creaking! But, we had no other way to get up there since hiking was not an option. If I had seen how high it went before I got on it I might not have! For the way back down I put a podcast on so I could focus on that and not the squeaky cable and the clunking! I will now always associate Tim Minchin on Off Menu with being terrified in on a gondola.


The View!

Once we did get up to the summit it was pretty spectacular but also felt so much higher and more exposed than I’d bargained for and it did give me a bit of vertigo. I have a new appreciation for skiers as I had no idea just how steep these slopes are! I couldn’t even stand at the top looking down never mind hurl myself down on some sticks! I’m very glad we went up there even if I did feel sick for a lot of it.

The view was quite grey and cloudy because of the weather and the wildfires that were still raging, but still quite amazing!

More Poutine, with Smoked Meat

I had not yet tried smoked meat so I felt like this was my chance and also to have poutine again. Unfortunately this bar (La Diable) did insane portions – and Mum didn’t want any! – so I only managed about 1/4 of this! It was nice but, as always, there was far too much which took the shine off it.

The Lake

We had a little walk down from the resort to the lake and saw some of the marina and holiday homes down there. I bet it is really lovely in the height of summer!

Next up: Ottawa

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