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Hello, welcome!

I’ve been on an explore of WordPress Reader and have had a little spree of likes, comments and follows to see who is Out There!

It has taken me an embarrassing length of time to figure out how to connect my self-hosted to!

But I did it! (I think) Now I can use Jetpack Reader to follow WordPress blogs and it’s a million times easier to explore, like and comment.

A whole new world.

If you’re new here I appreciate you taking a look, and please say Hi and let me know what you’re interested in and what you blog about! (If you do blog)

I especially would love to find some book blog friends, I really miss being in a book club!

But I also want to talk about

– Crafts, especially embroidery but in general I love to make stuff and I love people who make stuff!

– I’m a learner gardener, enthusiastic but no idea what I’m doing! I really love flowers.

– I am a hardcore introvert with social anxiety, so I’m about that life. It’s why I named this website Wallflower.

– Just trying to figure out myself, the world and my place in it?

– The random bits of information I learn and have to share before it leaks out the other side of my brain.

– I would like to read what other people have going on, just blogs where people have fun and post from their own brains! That’s what I do, this blog is all over the place.

This list is ever changing, and I will update it when I think of other things!

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  • A.S. Akkakon

    Hello! You already found my blog, but I thought I’d say hi and tell you a few more things you might not know about me.

    I am a terrible gardener. I get overenthusiastic and plant lots of things, then it rains every day for a month and I ignore the garden, and when I get back it’s been overrun by weeds. I’m currently trying to grow kale because I eat a lot of kale, but it’s midwinter so the kake is basically looking at me, not growing, and saying “what?”

    I like to grow feijoas, but feijoas do not like to grow for me. I have lots of bushes, and all my research tells me nothing eats feijoa bushes, but something decidedly eats my feijoa bushes as soon as they grow leaves. This means they never get bigger, and will never get big enough to fruit.

    The thing I can grow is New Zealand cranberries, which have another name, but NZ decided to claim them so someone renamed them. The plants are ugly and the berries taste a bit like socks, but they fruit like mad in our soil even if you do absolutely nothing to them, so I have several and I’m getting more.

    Like you, I’m an introvert. Currently I work in an office one day a week, and I find that amount of human contact is exactly right.

    I’ve been working in the same job for 11 years, and the world is telling me I need to do something different, maybe something entirely different. It’s scary, but also exciting, and I have no idea what it might be.

    I never have time to read as many books as I want to, but when I read books often I have a hard time connecting with the characters. I can’t tell if the books are just not the right ones for me, or if burnout broke my reading brain. I’m still hoping it will magically fix on its own.

    I’m also a terrible cook, which matters more now that I’ve tried to go plant-based. One day I may blog about some of my recipes, but no one should every try them. Sometimes I still eat pizza.

    • Alice

      Hi! I appreciate the comment. I am a real novice gardener, there is so much to learn and I don’t know how you can absorb it all! I also tend to forget about the garden when we’ve had periods of rain! It’s rained for about 2 weeks and I keep forgetting I still need to water my tomato plants that are actually under cover. I think they’re surviving but they’re just not fruiting yet. I have flowers on them but no baby toms yet, I need the bees to do their thing I think. I at least learned from last year’s failed attempt how to pinch out the side shoots so I don’t have a big tangled mess of branches and nothing else.
      I keep thinking I’ll blog about it, maybe I will. Always too much I’m trying to do!

      I’ve never heard of feijoas but I looked them up and they look interesting. The internet says they should taste pineappley… if you ever get any fruit that is!
      What do you do with all the cranberries?

      11 years is a long time! I’ve been in mine just over 6 years now and I need a change, I just don’t know what I actually want to do at this point! Or what my realistic options are. I work from home full time now which does suit me, but sometimes I do miss being able to chat to my colleagues in the office.

      Your reading brain will heal when you find the right book! What kind of thing do you read?

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