Teeny tiny little soldiers

This weekend I tagged along on a visit to the Games Workshop Warhammer World Exhibit.

I’m not knowledgeable at all about the game or the lore, but I wanted to go with my partner (who reads the books) and his friends because I do love looking at the dioramas and the miniatures.

The character design is very cool, and the skill that goes into painting those teeny tiny little soldiers is very impressive. I actually have watched a number of YouTube tutorials with my partner, I find it fascinating. He wants to paint up his Cthulhu Wars pieces but he’s never painted before so I think he’s still a bit scared he’ll ruin them!

In another life I could have gotten into painting miniatures, but I already have more projects and hobbies than I have time for. Plus, these Warhammer models are insanely expensive!

I took a surprising amount of photos – here are a few!

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    • Alice

      Warhammer has been around since the 80s and it’s still very popular (plus Henry Cavill has given it some “cool” in recent years). When we went they had a tournament on in the great hall and it was packed.

      They also publish a lot of books (under The Black Library) which is what my partner is into, he doesn’t play the tabletop.

      I just love that it combines art with very nerdy war games!

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