New paths unlocked

I’ve discovered a new spot to walk in my neighbourhood. There is a small nature reserve, full of snaking little paths through the trees, right behind this house.

Upon exploring more I’ve found there are many little hidden paths between streets in and out of this wooded area, and streets I’ve never realised existed.

I don’t know how I never saw it before, why I never tried to find a way in!

Probably something profound to find in this.

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  • Erik

    I saw a blog post (On a blog that no longer exists unfortunately) of a guy who set a goal to walk through every single street in his neighborhood. He used a printed Google maps to color in all the streets he’d walked. Seems like a fun thing to do! Who knows what you might find.

    • Alice

      Oh that’s an interesting idea! I’ve already found so many little cut throughs from just wandering about, my memory (and sense of direction) for such things is bad though so marking on a map is not a bad plan!

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