New theme alert!

I’ve been redecorating. 👩🏻‍🎨

I’ve made some changes to my blog theme over the last couple of days. I’d been thinking about doing it for a while, and now I decided this blog is to be my “digital scrapbook,” I finally had to get it out my system!

The new theme feels more like me.

I love photos of space with colourful nebula and galaxies. There is something so calming about them, I can just gaze at them for ages, do you know what I mean?

I knew I had to set one as my site banner. It wasn’t going to sit right until I did!

I found this perfect one on the ESA Hubble website, and I highly recommend having a look through the images on there.

Purples and deep greens and blues are my colours.

It feels right now!

I’ll almost definitely still be fucking about a bit more with some of the pages, I’ve got some ideas to make things easier to navigate.

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