A November Mini-Break 🌝

Hot tubs, board games, playing with fire and the Moon. πŸ’•πŸ›€πŸ»πŸ”₯🌝

My partner and I won’t get a “proper” holiday away together this year because I spent most of my annual leave going to Canada with my Mum in June! So, instead, we decided to do a few mini-breaks in the UK. In May, for my birthday, we spent a couple of nights in a very posh luxury tree house in Cambridgeshire, 1 in September we went to Liverpool and this week we just got back from a couple of nights in a cute little cabin in Herefordshire.

We learned from our experience at the tree house that if you book a place like that it’s best to make the most of it and perhaps not plan to do anything else! That cabin was so nice and cosy (with the outdoor bath, sauna and swing seat of my dreams) that the time we spent on the day away exploring Cambridge felt almost wasted!

My partner loves a hot tub so we made sure to pick a place that had that! We stayed at the Rook’s View in Bromyard which had hot tub, outdoor bath, chimenea, gas pizza oven and BBQ.

The views were lovely! Living in an increasingly built-up area I tend to forget how amazing it feels to see nothing but countryside! My partner did have to point out that the blurb for the cabin claims you can see sunsets from it and that isn’t quite true

We very much enjoyed dipping in and out of the hot tub, although (it is November!) it wasn’t up to temperature until the morning after we arrived. We did try it out the first evening at 33.5c and that wasn’t quite warm enough to be comfortable, it was much nicer at 38c the next day (even in the 13mph wind… I did have to fish a few leaves out of it that kept blowing in!). The outdoor bath was nice too but it did lose temperature pretty quickly because it’s not insulated.

Fire Starter πŸ”₯

Inside the cabin was heated with a log burner which really did make things nice and cosy, and we both enjoying playing with keeping the fire going! Flames are mesmerising, I can see why arsonists get so fascinated by it! One thing that was a shame is that there were no chairs to sit in in front of the fire indoors, unless you used the dining chairs. There was only a big leather sofa against a different wall, which was nice to read on, but it wasn’t facing the fire.

Pizza Oven πŸ•

Food-wise we had to try out the pizza oven. We make pizzas a lot at home, we’re roughly a fortnightly Friday night rotation. We also make our own from scratch and have had the recipe nailed for some time now, but we don’t have a pizza oven so were quite excited to use one.

It was only semi-successful! I’d never used one before and perhaps there is a knack to it?! This was a gas one where the flames are right at the back which meant the back edge of the crush cooks incredibly quickly (to charred) while the other edge doesn’t cook. It’s very awkward to rotate the pizza while it is it in there, and even then we at best got charred crust with slightly underdone middle. I did still taste amazing, the crust (where not indelibly burned) was deliciously crispy.

I like ham & pineapple on pizza, that’s a classic sweet & salty combo. The internet needs to get over it.

The second night, despite it being November, we couldn’t pass up the BBQ. I was put in charge of this which was a little nerve-wracking as I’ve never done a charcoal BBQ by myself before! It was challenging to get lit in the wind.. but we got there in the end, and the chicken was cooked and deliciously smoky (I had brined it, makes such a difference). Sweetcorn on the BBQ is also always fantastic!

Books & Games πŸ“š

Mostly we did a lot of reading! I read all of The Last Train Home by Elle Cook, in 24 hours, which was a perfectly fine books for a holiday like this but I’ve basically already forgotten most of it (look forward to that mini review ha!). My partner has been reading Babel by R.F. Kuang for months now. He usually is a fairly quick reader, but he’s struggling through this one! Which has reinforced my assessment that I would absolutely hate that book. I’ve seen it hyped for ages (and its a 99p kindle deal fairly regularly!) but when I checked out the reviews it screams Not For Me!

He might finally finish it this weekend which would be good because I really want to get back into re-reading The Expanse books and we’re meant to be buddy reading them together (I’m rereading to finish the series, he’s never read or watching the TV show!).

We also played a few games of the Scrabble set that was in the cabin – turns out neither of us are confident that we know what words are proper words! – and we took with us our current favourite co-op date night game Dorf Romantik.

We got a new high score, on an almost perfect game, and completed our campaign!

The Moon 🌝

The real highlight for me though was the telescope! I’d never played with one before for star gazing. It was exciting to be able to see stars so closely, although I had no idea what I was a looking at. The moon blew my mind though! You could see so much detail. My partner struggled to see the face on the moon, but I always see its face before anything else.

I can’t stop thinking about it’s expression.

You could jam your phone camera on the view finder to take photos!

Can you see the face in the moon?

We’re back home now, with the cats, but I think it was a successfully relaxing couple of day! I do feel refreshed and I still have 1.5 weekend days before we’re back at work! So perhaps I can power through a few more of my outstanding blog posts, in between getting some IRL scrapbooking done – I really need to finish this Canada one!

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