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WIP | Vacation Picard (Part 2)

The crotch is complete 🩲🪡

It’s been a busy old time with decorating the bedroom and preparing for new building in wardrobes to be installed, but I still managed to make some good Picard Progress! If you missed my first post on this project, you can go back and read how I got started.

I finished his book first. I’m reasonably happy with it, but if I could go back in time I’d alter the direction of the stitches to make them a little more diagonal for the angle he is holding the book. I hate it when I miss little details like that. Often something that comes from stitching sleep deprived and with a foggy menstruation brain! Ah well, from a distance it looks fine.

I had my DMC diamant metallic gold out for the details on the book. I love the look of metallics but they are such a bitch to work with.

After the book I felt read to er… tackle… his… swimming trunks.

You really have to admire his body confidence, as a man in his 50s, to rock a tight shiny silver swimming trunk and an open blousy shirt. I will always be grateful for this iconic look (if you don’t know WTF I’m talking about see this image on treknobabble, and thank me afterwards).

Anyway, onto the trunks! I could not resist weaving a strange of silver metallic in with the silvery grey floss. It did make my life more difficult, but I think ultimately it was worth it for the delightful shine you get when the light hits just so.

I am quite happy with how they came out. I have never really had a go at shading with thread before, and I definitely could have done his bulge more justice, but from across the room it looks pretty good. Often with embroidery it really does depend on the angle you’re viewing the hoop from.

Hopefully this embed to my (first ever) Instagram reel will work, if it doesn’t here is a link.

Next up is his shirt. I am bit nervous about this because again its requires some shading which I’ve not done before. I have referred a few times to @jolly_hoops on instagram, a true master at embroidering light on figures in clothing, to see how she lays her stiches.

If you’re working on something right now, let me know how it’s going in the comments!

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