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WIP | Vacation Picard (Part 1)

I’ve started a new embroidery project! 🧵 🪡

After rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation last year I knew I had to make an embroidery of Picard on his Risa vacation. You can probably tell that I love holiday Picard since I’ve used him on this blog to represent my books pages! I just love his outfit (tiny tight silver shorts, open shirt, iconic.) and his attitude. The man just wants to sit quietly and read his old timey hardback books!

I first used Procreate to make my pattern. I am happy with my drawing but a little worried it’s too much detail to pull off with thread. The perspective is also a little tricky, since he is rather ..erm.. crotch first.

I decided to paint his flesh to (hopefully) add a bit of depth, and then printed design on the water soluble transfer paper and stuck it over the top so I can work from that for the finer details.. I just have to hope I lined it up right. I’ve never done this before so we’ll see how it turns out!

I also just have to pray I used enough fabric medium in my paint for when it comes to washing the soluble transfer off!

Another potential flaw in my plan is I didn’t think to colour match flesh tones with my floss before I covered the paint up with the sticky transfer, so I’m now having to make a leap of faith that they’ll match ok in the end!

I’ve made some progress already with his head – always start with the face – and am currently testing my neatness on his book! I’ve still not mastered getting a long and short stitch neat over larger areas.

The soluble transfer fabric is over the paint now so he looks a little gauzy and has lost detail for the moment.

I’ve got say it feels so good to be back to working on something like this. It’s filling me with a light I’d not realised how much I missed!

If you’re working on something right now, let me know how it’s going in the comments!

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