Making Stuff: An Introduction to My Embroidery

I am a person that has too many hobbies. More than I actually have time for when I have to spend 40 hours a week at work. I just love to make stuff, and I love to get myself stuck into stories (although I don’t love to make stories – creative writing is a long-abandoned hobby).

The Wallflower Digest is one of my newer hobbies, and since I want the blog to be a nexus (aka digital scrapbook) for my thoughts, ideas, learning, and whatever the fuck else; and my embroidery creations are an important part of my identity (and mental health), I really want to make space for sharing those here too.

I have had less time for writing on the blog lately because I have been devoting much more time to my embroidery in the desperate hope that I’ll finally finish this wall hanging I’ve been working on for about 18 months! So now feels like a good time to give a blog intro to my embroidery.

Though blogging is something that I hope is going to lead me to more community and connections with other people, actually writing for the blog is honestly a more time-consuming and solitary hobby because I really need to be at my computer, or iPad, in a space where I can think. Whereas, my embroidery I can do while I watch TV and chat with my partner.

Picking up the needle (and thread) 🧵🪡

I actually started embroidery because I was looking to find new friends and a community. Back in 2019 I was living alone and feeling increasingly isolated, and struggling with feeling a lack of true connection with anyone. I’d tried to find Meet Up groups to meet new people but I don’t like going out to drink in bars, I don’t enjoy board games or sports, so I was having a hard time finding something that I’d want to consistently go to. I thought crafts might be the way to go because I love making things, and its something to occupy nervous energy when meeting new people.

I found a new craft group starting that had a convenient time and meeting spot so I signed up. I just needed a craft to take with me that would be easy to transport, easy to learn and create something cool. Hand embroidery was perfect for that!

Sadly the craft group died out pretty quickly, but I was making some progress towards making friends with the girl who had tried to organise it. We had one friend date and then it was 2020 and Covid-19 happened, and we lost touch. It wasn’t a strong enough connection yet to survive that.

But even if I didn’t make new friends, I did get a new hobby out of the experience which turns out to still be amazing for my mental health.

Reasons I Love Embroidery 💗

  • It’s low-pressure and easy to pick up! If you mess up you can just unpick your stitches and try again.
  • It’s relaxing and meditative, and doesn’t require intense concentration or any counting (I hate cross-stitch and knitting!).
  • Easy to do while watching TV (combined with another favourite hobby!) or just having a chat.
  • Relatively inexpensive, especially if you “upcycle” old fabric and clothing.
  • The equipment is small, light and easy to transport. You can easily fit a standard-size hoop and a kit in your handbag.
  • You can make pretty things to decorate your home or clothing!
  • There are an infinite amount of patterns and kits are available (many free!).
  • You can easily create your own designs too!
  • So much inspiration, different styles and creativity in online communities, like Instagram!

Always learning! 👩‍🎨

I’ve been working on this hobby for about 3-4 years ago, and every project I am learning something new. I can really see in my pieces how I have improved over time.

These are a few of the things I have made from where I started to where I’ve ended up now. I’ll write another post soon sharing more about my journey evolution? (I think I prefer evolution, makes me sounds like a Pokémon.)

You can see my first 10 projects here!

Instagram @stitchesbyalice

If you like you can follow my embroidery Instragram account @stitchesbyalice but I am also going to start blogging and sharing here too!

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