What’s inside a Grand Ferroro Roche?

I bought one of these from Sainsbury’s last week. I was in a mad panic over getting last minute Christmas gifts (and also was in the eye of this horrible cold that I’ve not been able to shake) and was intrigued by what might be inside, without thinking it through.

Turns out fuck all is inside. It’s a hollow ball of not very nice chocolate and hazelnut bits that get in your teeth.

I expect it might at least have a couple of the regular size ones in there!

No just the horrible outside part without any of the actual good parts of a Ferrero Roche! What a scam.

After Googling this I now realise that the bow and label were missing from the one I got! None of the ones in my Sainsbury’s had the bow or label, they must have got ripped off… possible to dupe idiots like me into buying them.

Anyway, disappointing.

I was going to write some End of Year Review type posts today, but I have spent so long trying to gather my thoughts and notes (and doing Goodreads admin!) that it’s dinner time (on Date Night) and not a draft in sight! It’s been a big year, plus I’m quite sleep deprived from this cough I can’t shake, its kept me awake for 5 days in a row. Not the best Christmas!

I do have a plan now though, so something along those lines will be coming down the pipe soon. I think I’ll do one for Books, one for Creativity and one for general Life events.

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