Has it only been seven days?

The first week of 2024 has been a slog.

I got a nasty winter bug from the Christmas party (of course) which came with a never-fucking-ending cough that put a serious dent in my festive season. I still have this bloody cough by the way!

Then I also then got a weird infection in my left ear! I won’t bore you with the details, it’s an outer ear infection because I have a little preauricular pit in my ear that sometimes gets angry with me. It’s painful, and also kind of gross.

And now I also have my period.

So I am all around knackered, and still waiting to re-emerge in 2024!

I’ve been busy trying to keep up to date with my book reviews (3 done already this year!) and doing a lot of digital house keeping.

My Obsidian notes vault is in dire need of a clean up. I’ve done a bit of work on that this weekend, but my workflows still definitely need a rethink. I just set up a new plugin to sync my Goodreads books to my vault, I think that will streamline things with my book data. I might share when I have my head together on that!

I also did find a horrifying amount of “blog idea” notes I never did anything with! I’ve got to figure out a method for surfacing those so I do something with them.

I have also downloaded a new app, Habitica, that I’m hoping will give me a bit of silly motivation to keep better habits in the new year. It lets you set your habits and goals and gives you XP and rewards like a cute little video game character.

It’s only been a day so far so I don’t know if it’ll work yet, maybe I’ll check back next week!

In more fun news, for Christmas I got my own PS5 controller, it’s purple and I love it, so we finally have two! After looking for local co-op games we got the Overcooked bundle in the PS Store sale. I think it’s really fun (I used to play a lot of Dinner Dash back in the day), however I reckon it’s going to be a test of our relationship, especially communication skills!

We also got It Takes Two which looks cute, and hopefully a less high stress co-op experience!

I hope your 2024 has started off better than mine!

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