Aunt Flo

I just got my period yesterday. During this time I’m always incredibly lethargic but also reflective (and hungry, and thirsty!).

I actually like getting my period these days. Not only is it a relief that my body is healthy and I’m not pregnant, but it’s a relief from all the unpleasant symptoms that lead up to it.

Last week I was so bloated and carrying so much tension and anxiety around. The last couple of nights before my period starts I can never get to sleep. I always start to have recurring thoughts about having failed at my career, being trapped in my job, not having good enough friendships or that I’m not a fun enough person that people want to spend time with.

It’s the same record every time but the main chorus tends to change depending on what went on during the previous few weeks.

I know now why it happens so I can just ride it out. The not being able to sleep thing is annoying though.

So when I finally bleed it’s a release from all of that, and the bloating disappears! I might start feeling 10x more tired and my brain stops working but I also feel lighter, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Gif from The Shining when all the blood comes out the elevators.

I also use a menstrual cup now which honestly takes all the mess and hassle out of it!

After reading Period Power, I give myself permission to just stop as much as I can, take the couple of days to rest until my body has finished resetting and I come back into myself, with my oestrogen coming back up, and feeling ready for life again!

I’ve felt so much better and generally spent less time feeling tired since I’ve started really leaning into this.

I feel a little guilty tonight because my partner had wanted a quality time ‘date’ night but I’m not capable of much verbal conversation. Instead we rewatched Captain Marvel and had a cuddle on the sofa with the cats.

When I’m back to my normal self next week we’ll have a nice dinner and crack out some boardgames again!

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