After Two Weeks of Hybrid Working

I’ve just finished my first two weeks in my first job, which has also been my first two weeks of hybrid working.

Here are some jumbled thoughts!

Positives for the office

  • It gets me out the house! I had been starting to feel isolated for 3 years of WFH. It is nice to have a reason to go out into the world twice a week and feel like part of humanity.
  • It is handy to be in the city centre again for popping to the shops at lunch and trying on clothes before buying! (I’m in the market for new trousers which involves a lot of trying on).
  • Being new it is good to get face to face with the friendlier new co-workers at lunch when people are in the office.
  • This hasn’t happened yet but it should help get me into a better routine…
  • That amazing feeling of getting home after a long day and putting on my pyjamas!

Negatives for the office

  • Everyone except for 2 people work hybrid so the office is mostly empty. The most people I’ve seen so far is 8!
  • This means it’s eerily quiet and not much chitchat is happening or any efforts to be social, which makes me question why I need to be there!
  • I find it much harder to concentrate with all the noises I’m not in control off, like heaters and phones and other people.
  • The temperature is also over the place! One day last week it was 15 degrees because the building heating hadn’t been put on!
  • Office chair and desk are less comfortable than I have at home.
  • I am overall less productive and am exhausted by about 4pm.
  • I have to spent 45minutes each way on commuting time and take longer to get ready in the morning (pack lunch etc) and create more stress.
  • Increased exposure to germs on the bus and office! It’s been two weeks and several colleagues have been off sick.
  • In bad weather it is miserable to commune. In Friday’s heavy downpour I got soaked and had to sit with wet legs all morning.

But On Balance it is Good

I might have more negatives but overall I think it is good for me mentally and socially to go in. I am going to have to go to an actual office Christmas party for the first time this year so I need to have some face time beforehand with some people for that not to be a terrifying experience!

Because I only have to go in for two days a week I think it should remain a more positive than exhausting experience, and I have my WFH days to recover!

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