Mini Review Cat Lady By Dawn O'Porter Genre: Humour, Womens Fiction Positives: + The special bonds people have with their pets and the deep grief they feel when they die is very moving. + Well paced + Fun cast of characters that have depth. Negatives: - Tonally a bit odd, wackiness amid emotional trauma. - Mia is quite difficult to warm to. - The ending is very sweet but a bit too unrealistic for me!
3 Stars,  Mini Reviews

Mini Review | Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 Stars – Entertaining as an audiobook and it has some emotional punches, but my take away was “well, that was odd.” 🐱

Format: Audiobook via BorrowBox

Read: July

What I liked
– I found the special relationships that people have with their pets very moving, and how deep the grief can be when they die. Nothing makes me feel sadder than when pets die, I get emotional just thinking about it. I don’t know if groups for people grieving over lost pets are real, but I hope they are!
– I thought it was well paced, and has a fun cast of characters who are given depth. I liked that Mia does learn that her initial judgements on the people around her are shown to be shallow, and that everyone has their own problems happened in the behind the scenes, just as she does.

What didn’t work
– Mia’s relationship with her cat is uncomfortably intense and definitely beyond normal! She is also very judgemental and I found her difficult to warm to.
– It got a little too wacky as Mia grows increasingly erratic, which makes for an odd tone when everything that happens is very sad and painful. This is a book that tries humour but its not a funny book because there is too much tragedy behind it.
– The ending was very sweet but could only really have occurred with some kind of divine intervention! It did make me roll my eyes a little bit!

It won’t be for everybody but it might be a good choice if you want something easy to listen to as you do your chores!

It has made me hug my cats a little tighter (which they do not like!).

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