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You can now build your own subscription!

I’ve had a dig around in my Jetpack/ settings and enabled the Newsletter feature as a convenient way to subscribe to the blog.

I like that I can set up subscription options for the different categories on this blog, especially as I do post all kinds of stuff and some people might be interested in some but not all of it!

If you subscribe with your email (or WordPress account) you should be able to pick’n’mix what you want updates for, and essentially build your own “newsletter” if you like.

  • Life : this is anything I post in my Life blog category which is mainly personal stuff. Generally just life updates and whatever is on my mind.
  • Books : book reviews primarily, but anything else reading related.
  • Making Stuff : the things I make, usually embroidery but I’ll give any craft a go! I haven’t use this category much yet but I should be more active on it this year.
  • TV/Movies/Games : I don’t post in this category a lot, but I think the title is self-explanatory!
  • Newsletter : this will be my round up at regular intervals, likely every 1-2 weeks depending on how busy I am! I’ll use this to include links to everything posted recently in all categories, and just general updates on my life/what’s on my mind.

Not only can you now chose only what what you are interested in, you can also set how often you want to get notified in your subscription settings which I think is pretty nifty too!

You can find the settings in your account, if you have one, or by following the links in the confirmation email you’ll get after you sign up. And you can also unsubscribe any time.

If you are an eager beaver to to subscribe to updates this way you can stick your thing right in this box.

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