Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton 4/5 Stars Genre: Celebrity Memoir, Trauma Positives: + Written with Paris’s true voice, to emulate her ADHD brain. + Powerfully shares her personal trauma and PTSD in the “troubled teen” industry. + Connects the dots between the character ‘Paris Hilton’ and the real Paris. + I can’t stop thinking about it. + Great on audio! Negatives: - I found the abuse difficult to listen to at times. - She apparently loves NFTs! - Skirts around much of her past dumb/offensive actions.
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Mini Review | Paris: A Memoir by Paris Hilton

🕶️🕶️🕶️🕶️ 4/5 Sunglasses – A quick review of the memoir I can’t stop thinking about!

I wrote a much greater length in my post I Can’t Stop Thinking About Paris Hilton about this book and the myriad of issues that weave into the Troubled Teen Industry. That didn’t leave space to squeeze in a book review, and for my own completionism I feel like I need to also record a mini review on the blog!

What I liked

  • The book has been written to emulate Paris’ own unique way of thinking with her ADHD brain. This means it does not follow a traditional linear narrative but instead hops backwards and forwards times, and goes off on little tangents. Paris refers to this has her “spiral” of thought. I really liked this – especially as an audiobook read by Paris – it felt like she was really speaking to me in her own voice. I also think that this helped break up some of the heaviest sections when she is recalling her time in the trouble team industry.
  • The experiences that she shares I often found very difficult to listen to as they are upsetting and terrifying. I am very glad that she is now using her platform sharing her story, because for better or worse she is someone that people pay attention to. And if these horrible things happened to Paris Hilton, with all the money in the world, they could happen to anyone.
  • This memoir really explains so much about Paris Hilton as a character, a public figure and a woman. I really see her in a new light, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her strength, self-belief and intelligence to have survived and achieved everything that she has (you cannot put it all down to her last name!).

It’s not 5 stars because

Maybe it should be 5 stars it did inspire me to write a full blog post, but I just can’t give it the top score when I compare it to the celebrity memoir masterpiece that is I’m Glad My Mum Died by Jeannette McCurdy.

  • The real focus is on exposing the Trouble Teen Industry – which honestly is unquestionably the most worthwhile use of this memoir – which does mean that Paris glosses over some of her own questionable past behaviours (racist and homophobic remarks)1 with little self-reflection or no mention. It seems to me that she has achieved a lot of personal and emotional growth over the last few years, so it is a bit disappointing (if not surprising) that she doesn’t directly address this.

Overall, even if you don’t give a fuck about Paris Hilton, I do highly recommend this book – especially on audio – because it does really illuminate an incredibly cruel industry that has hidden behind smoke and mirrors for a long time. It also really does explain Paris Hilton as a public figure and a human. She is for better or worse a cultural icon, and she doesn’t deserve to be remembered by history as a “dumb blonde.”

  1. Given that bashing Paris Hilton has been its own media industry for decades now, I’m inclined to take some of the more extreme gossipy anecdotes with a pinch of salt (the ones that just don’t sound like something anyone would realistically say!) but there is recorded video evidence for some of this from when she was in her early twenties. She’s definitely at the very least used slurs out of ignorance. ↩︎
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