Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell 4/5 Stars Mini Review, Audiobook
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Mini Review | Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars – My second Lisa Jewell, and it was another gripping, twisty mystery!

Format: Audio (BorrowBox)

Read: August 2023

After becoming obsessed with The Night She Disappeared, I snapped up Invisible Girl when I saw it was available in my Library app! Althought at first I was a little unsure how I was going to get on with it because the audiobook narrators were really not up to the impossibly high standard of Joanne Froggatt, but once the mystery really started (around Owen’s entry to the story) I was thoroughly sucked in.

Once again, this is a mystery book so I don’t want to say anything that will give it away but just trust me that this is another hard to predict story with so many twists and turns, from chapter to chapter, I had no idea where we were going to end!

I didn’t love it as much as The Night She Disappeared, partly because I didn’t think the audio version was as good, but also because the content of this story I found more disturbing (sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and incels).

I loved…

  • Gripping mystery that had me guessing right up to the final chapter!
  • More complex characters with convincing and various motives. This one focuses more on the masks that people wear, whether that be for nefarious reasons or to disguise their pain. Although I was incredibly wary of Owen, in the end, I did enjoy the exploration of his character.

It wasn’t 5 stars because…

  • I had difficulty connecting with Kate. I understand she functions as the nexus for the other characters and is the reader’s way into the mystery but at times I found her chapters dragged, and her relationship with her husband was very frustrating!
  • The audiobook narrators were a bit iffy at times, in particular Kate’s narrator which might be part of the reason I didn’t enjoy her chapters as much! I’d say Owen was the best, and Saffyre I found uneven but that could also have been the writing for her.
  • The ending was a lot… I didn’t like how it ended on such a disturbing cliffhanger.

I’m now on a waiting list to get my hands on more Lisa Jewell, the next one due to me is The House We Grew Up In which should come in later this week!

Have you read Lisa Jewell, which ones are your favourites?!

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