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Mini Review | The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

💀 My first audio book DNF! Disappointing after I really loved The Muse.

Format: Audiobook (Borrowbox)

Read: July 2023

I really enjoyed The Muse by the same author, and The Miniaturist has so many great reviews, and they turned it into a BBC two-parter with Ana Taylor Joy, so I thought I would be onto a winner!

Alas no, I gave up on the audio book at the 50% mark, it just was not working for me. This is the first audiobook I’ve given up on that I’ve got more than 15 minutes into.

The story turned out to be very dull, and the characters (especially Nella, she’s so whiny) were not engaging to me. I just realised I did not care about anything that was happening, and I was sick of hearing about this bloody sugar. Why won’t he sell the bloody sugar so everyone can stop going on about it?!

I checked some reviews which reported that the only intriguing part of the book (who is the Miniaturist and why are they sending Nella all this creepy stuff) is never answered so it was time to give up rather than waste another 6 hours of listening time!

I now have The Confession by Jessie Burton on loan, which I hear is more like The Muse so hopefully better luck with that one!

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