Newsletter #2 Jan 2024

Hi! It’s only been two weeks since my last newsletter, which may be a record!

The last couple of weeks have flown by. We have new wardrobes to be fitted soon which means a lot of time to be spent on getting organised for that, and for redecorating the bedroom. I’m excited to have it done, but less so about all the work that’s required first!

📱 Habitica updates

I shared last time that I’m trying out a new habits app this year. So far its been three weeks. I have been updating it every day, and still getting a little buzz from my achievements.

I’m now a level 12 Mage. Not 100% sure I understand what being a mage means but I have a cute little outfit and a giant narwhal wand now. I look pretty awesome riding my purple panda.

Consistency is always my weak point so I’m trying to think carefully about the best way to motivate myself to actually stick with it. I have fiddled around with how I set up my habits, daily tasks and to do list quite a few times (especially having thought some more about reframing exercise). I want to share soon a little more on how I’m going with it all (in fact I have to share something for one of my January challenges to get some sweet extra XP!).

🚶 How is the walking pad going?

Great! I’ve used it almost every day, including weekends when I find some blog time. I usually do a morning 30-60 minute walk on in and again at the end of the day. More than that depending on if I get outside for a walk, or what meetings I have going on at work (can’t walk and be in a meeting, I usually just stand for those).

I have definitely been feeling better for it. It has really alleviated anxiety (and maybe feelings of shame) over being so sedentary. I think my legs are also feeling a bit stronger.

My Garmin fitness tracker doesn’t measure my steps on it very well – I think because often my wrists are wresting on the desk as I type – but I don’t get particularly motivated by number of steps so that’s fine. I prefer to check on my heart-rate and it does raise an amount I feel good about.

📺 I’ve been watching

  • In our Doctor Who rewatch we’re in Series 4. I’m still loving the dynamic between Tennant and Donna. We recently watched The Doctors Daughter – an episode I remember hating for how annoying I found her – and I’d completely forgotten that Martha was in it, and how harrowing her subplot is! She’s off on her own for the majority of the episode, trudges across an irradiated wasteland, almost dies then witnesses her new alien friend sacrifice himself to save her. It was like she was in a completely different episode to the Doctor and Donna! Then she doesn’t get a chance to talk any of this trauma through. No wonder she left.
  • OMG Traitors UK series 2! The finale has already been and gone. Holy moly. Obviously no spoilers! It was just as good as series 1, and Australia series 1 which I also bloody loved. We might get into Australia series 2 now, but I am a bit hesitant as I usually hate reality TV competitions with celebrities on it.
  • I’ve been rewatching Don’t Trust the B* in Apartment 23 lately. I loved this when it was originally on, it felt so different. It’s more surreal than I remembered! I’m still gutted it only got two seasons but also I can see that it didn’t have legs to run for too long. She is a bit of a one dimensional character but you can’t have Chloe grow too much because she’ll stop being Chloe, and you don’t want June to become to like Chloe either or they lose their dynamic… so its a tricky balance. I think James van der Beek is my favourite part of it though, after Dawson’s Creek who knew how funny he is!
  • I tried to watch Fool Me Once on Netflix but I’m honestly baffled by the hype over it. Episode one did not pull me in and found it quite poorly acted at times. Am I the only one that didn’t think it was good?!
  • I did love Bodies on Netflix though! A neat bit of science-fiction mystery, that was much more my usual vibe. Four detectives find the exact same body in the same place on the same day, but at different points in time – 1890, 1942, 2023 and 2053.
Krysten Ritter as Chloe in Don’t Trust The B*

🎮 I’ve been playing

  • On the PS5 we have mostly played Overcooked. I think we’re doing quite well, almost in the 6th world which I think is the last set of levels. We’ve not fallen out yet!
  • We’ve been playing Ticket to Ride Legacy weekly with our group of friends. Still loving it! We’re half way through the campaign, and even time has introduced a great surprise new mechanic. It’s starting to feel a little overwhelming with that to keep track off strategy-wise, but then again my usual strategy is to not think too hard and just play it! It’s actually been really nice to have a reason to meet up with people weekly as well, and spent more time getting to know my partners friends.

📰 New on the blog

Since last we Newslettered

📥 In the processor

I found some time last week to get about half way through writing something with my Love Has Won notes, but life then got busy. One day I will post that!

At the moment I am feeling interested in motivation and how I can help myself to stick to some of my goals. I have never found any of that “no pain, no gain” or habit tracking “don’t break the chain” stuff works, feeling like I’m forcing myself to do things never gives good results. I’m still mulling this over though, no coherent thoughts ready for sharing! Do let me know if you have anything to share though!

I’d love to spend some time researching motivation – which I am actually motivated to do it – but life is as ever going to get in the way! I need to be in the DIY zone for the next couple of weeks I think.

🧵 Work in Progress

I already shared early this week that I’ve got start on a new Vacation Picard embroidery piece! My goal is to blog as a I make progress with this one, and share what I learn (and what mistakes I make).

You can read my part one: WIP | Vacation Picard (Part 1)

Here is a sneaky peak at him.

📖 Reading

I am currently reading We Spread by Iain Reid and loving it. I am about 75% in and struggling to put it down! It’s a weird, unsettling tricky one. It might be one I need reread to gather thoughts on!

The only book I’ve bought recently is I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People Think?” to “I Am Enough” by Brene Brown. It popped up for £1.49 and I’ve been thinking about shame and guilty lately, so it seemed worth a punt. I’ve never read any Brene Brown before, and this might not be my first choice to start with but hey, it was cheap!

💡 Inspiration

I’ve not done a lot of reading online lately, but I did pick up a great idea to include in my Monthly Reading Review. I first came across this with Zezee at Zezee with Books, and they got it from Nic at Dragon Ramblings. The idea is to include a little reflection on the books you’re feeling pulled to from your current TBR pile. I am such a mood reader, and I also often forgot what books I have waiting to be read so I think it’ll be interesting to keep in touch with that a bit more.

Instagram Inspo

In the embroidery/crafty works I just discovered and am now fully obsessed with Irim’s work at @_.baobap._.

Her anthropomorphic pet portraits are so detailed and so charming. Personality just leaps out. They really remind me of the characters in Bojack Horseman too, one of my favourite cartoons.

I am very inspired to create something like this for our cats one day!

I’ve also have a lot of odd scraps of fabric to use so at some point I want to try doing something with collages.

❤️ Highlight of my week?

I’ve had a lot of fun lately with Ticket to Ride Legacy! This is big for me because usually I get too anxious playing with groups of people to enjoy it, but this has been great.

Also the last few episode of Traitors were such tense fun to watch with my partner. We’ve not been shouting at the TV like before 😂

If you made it all the way down here, let me know how your week was! What was the highlight for you?

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